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Hey Folks,

My name is Jared Heath. I am the owner and founder of Altha Technology and the Altha Phone. I founded Altha Technology at the end of 2015 in the basement of my parents’ home.  Altha Tech started by serving one website and one live video-streaming customer. In the last seven years we have grown to over one hundred clients.  We are still growing.

Altha Technology began with the idea: Own the Data. Expanding on that, we now strive to: Own the Data, Protect the Data, and Serve the Data.

What does it mean to own, protect and serve data? Inherently, Own the Data means we need to own the devices that we use, or use encryption to own or privatize our data.
 Many solutions have emerged, such as Bitcoin or blockchain technologies.  They use encryption to guarantee privacy and ownership, in the digital sense. The walls around the data itself are locked up, using encryption. We’re relying on encryption. We must trust that.

An additional way to own the data is to own the devices; offering a level of control over the devices you use to access your personal data and the internet. This gives you more control.

Altha Technology started Owning and Protecting the Data by owning our own servers. We maintain our own servers, in-house. Our websites are hosted on them. We have our own data center on-site. The reason? By owning the servers, I can guarantee physically, where our clients’ data is; which is our source of personal, digital sovereignty. Our clients’ information is sovereign to the United States.

My goal is to teach you how to make your data sovereign to your location. Maybe you already have a church or other trusted entity willing to house your website. This is organic and natural digital sovereignty.

Open source technology; software like Graphene OS, Docker, etc. are projects supported by hundreds of thousands of innovative people all over the world, who are very concerned about privacy. They are building the tools necessary for privacy; allowing ownership and sovereignty to become a reality.

The Altha Phone is a way to Serve the Data. The phone serves as an extension of owning and protecting the data; a personal part of digital sovereignty.

Purchasing an Altha pixel phone and installing Graphene OS, which is an open source, privacy-focused operating system, gives you a tool to control more of your data.

You’re going to have the ability to:

  1. Control location permissions.
  2. You don’t have to install Google services, although you can.
  3. You can use Signal chat, for encryption. Signal helps in the battle for your privacy.

Here at Altha Technology, we use a Graphene OS, pixel 6A, PXG6A Altha Phone to record videos in our office. We want to prove and use this phone, and these technologies, with our own servers, to Own Data, Protect Data and Serve Data. Our goal at Altha Technology and Altha Phone is to give you back your personal digital sovereignty.  Altha Technology is all about building a universe which helps show you, teach you, and offer you the tools necessary to be personally and digitally sovereign … and, in the process, to get your brain back.

Have a good day,

– Jared Heath

Founding owner of Altha Technology and Altha Phone

Altha Phone Technology

Open Source

Open Source code and programming is software that is built in the open. The AlthaPhone is built on open source technology that the public can review the software involved. GrapheneOS is the open source operating system we use to De-Google, privatize, and secure your personal digital life. Learn more about Open Source here.


GapheneOS is the most secure, usable, operating system available for a smartphone. It is designed with an open source license. It runs on AOSP, the Android Open Source Project, and is only available on Google Pixel phones as of this writing. Learn more about GrapheneOS here.

Google Pixel Phones

The Google Pixel phones are great devices, with solid hardware, at an affordable price. They are also the only phones available to configure with GrapheneOS. We use these phones in our office for work everyday. Find out more about Pixel Phones here.


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